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Educating the future Super-Smart Society 5.0



Tech Heroes is on a mission to foster a Super-Smart Society 5.0, safeguarding a sustainable future. We spread knowledge about new technologies through interactive, family-friendly TV series, and foster entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation with ongoing, hands-on workshops.

We aim to create an international community of open-minded, creative, and tech-savvy children who would ensure a brighter future for our society. A new generation of super-smart entrepreneurial individuals, using technology in a global, team effort.

Technology has already brought us closer together and created a digital sphere on Earth, but maintaining and improving it means understanding it first. In order to foster innovation, we must encourage creativity and curiosity towards technology in young people.

Tech Heroes workshops focus on learning skills with a purpose, creating future leaders and tech innovators. Children can learn important skills in programming, graphics, video, animation, music production, as well as team-work, business, finance, marketing and public speaking.

The Technolik / Tech Heroes TV show aims to inform, educate, and nurture a love for science and deep tech business; it aims to light a desire to take immediate action in being a part of tech innovation. A fun, creative and interactive, short-episode format appeals equally to the growing and the senior generations, inspiring all with possibilities of the information technologies like Big Data, IoT and AI.

Tech Heroes provide a complex and holistic tool-kit based on successfully piloted training-formats designed with University, multimedia, technology and startup experts in Estonia. Tool-kit consist of technology review videos, interactive boot-camps, workshops and training courses curricula for children in the age ranges of 5 to 15, with drastically various group sizes. It also provides mentoring and teacher training sessions and materials.

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